Private Label Deli Programs For Retail and Food Services

Victor Girgenti, President, started Longview Trading over twenty years ago. Our customers are the "whose who" in retailing. From high end retailers with as few as two locations to some of the nation's largest chains Longview Trading has developed products for them all. Large or small, these merchants recognize the fact that Longview Trading is producing the finest quality products that they will be proud to place their name on. Your company's good name is the most important asset you have. That being understood; why would so many retailers place the lowest quality products in a package with their name on it? Why work hard to sell a nationally sold line? Why would you help them brainwash YOUR customers that their products are the best? When a new store opens next to your location, you know they will have that same exact same line of products. Why allow them to steal your customers by offering it a lower price after you spent many years of hard work promoting that line? In the final analyzes what makes your store(s) special? Having a line of great tasting, high quality and healthy private label products in your deli is what will solve your concerns. Longview Trading specializes in building custom programs for private label deli meats, cheeses, and salads. Why not have the highest quality products with your label on them. Private label deli products are the back-bone of the business that Longview has built over twenty years. Let Longview help to have custom products you need to build a private label program designed to promote customer loyalty and increased margins.
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